[MonoDevelop] Using MD for PHP development?

Patrick van Staveren trick at vanstaveren.us
Mon Feb 5 16:33:46 EST 2007

While I'm a .NET programmer in my free time, in my work I'm a PHP
developer (not by choice).  I've never found an IDE for PHP that really
worked like MD does for mono development.  A quick google search turned
up the following old thread:


However searching on the MD wiki as well as googling quite a bit did not
yield any more results of MD + PHP.

Any updates on this?  Even if it's just a hunk of alpha code, I'd be
more than willing to help out and implement missing features as I'd make
use of this quite a bit.  If anyone knows where this went and can point
me to some source code, that'd be great!




Patrick "Trick" van Staveren

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