[MonoDevelop] CodeCompletion - parser - loop

Grzegorz Sobanski silk at boktor.net
Fri Feb 2 06:47:38 EST 2007

* Grzegorz Sobanski <silk at boktor.net> [2007-02-02 11:26]:
> ... and so on
> Proc usage is 100% and nothing can really be done.

I just read Lluis latest blog entry, and I think I begin to understand.

The latest changes (thanks Lluis!) includes finding all subclasses of a
class. So what happens (I think) is that it's not in loop, but just
doing it's work.
It dosen't go into it when opening just small solution with 1 file, but
it happens when I open my big solution, that references a lot of
libraries from gac, and others.
So it probably just parses the new libraries and updates .pidb files of
the others - parsed earlier. And it seemed to me as loop, because a lot
of .pidb files were read/writen many times.

But, the bug seems real if you don't have yet any .pidb files, it then
loops just on mscorlib.dll.

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