[MonoDevelop] Addin Cache ?

Lluis Sanchez lluis at ximian.com
Wed Dec 19 05:50:00 EST 2007

El dc 19 de 12 del 2007 a les 09:47 +0100, en/na laas va escriure:
> Hi all,
> I'm developing my own MD Addin. In order to test the new addin I have
> created a symbolic link to the DLL (my addin is a single DLL with
> embedded the addin.xml file) inside the /usr/lib/monodevelop/Addin
> folder. My Addin is shown in the Addin Manager and I can easily
> enable/disable it. 
> After a lot of tests I have deleted the link but the Addin is still
> available. How it is possible ?
> Is there a user specific folder where MD stores some kind of
> information about Addin or should I use mdtool to flush the cache ? 

MD stores add-in information in ~/.config/MonoDevelop/addin-db-001, but
it detects add-in changes at startup and should have detected that the
add-in was deleted. Try running "mdtool reg-build -v".

> Thanks in advance
> laas
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