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Ploscariu Simion simion314 at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 16 17:06:39 EST 2007

Hi all,this s my firs thing for MD ,i am just a
beginer but who wants to help you make this IDE
 i am working to implement a method to move a class to
it's own file. The code is working but only for C# and
that is because i used some code already made and that
code does'not work in VB,at leats on my MD)( i made a
new entry in the menu to appear when you rightclick a
classand from there you can select to move that class
to it's own file)
Some posible problems:
1. i read the class the data from the file not from
the editor  using a StreaReader and this mean that i
must save the file before starting the operation
2. if the class has an xml comment this will be let
behing. I can make a test to see if there is a such
comment for c# and move it too(i used the IRegion
Region property of a IClass to get the data location
and maybe it will be betther to modify the code there
that the Region will contain the XML comments)
3. i need a little help to place the string in the
menu in the catalog GettextCatalog , i belive that is
the best thing to do
4.mybe it would be better do add an OK/Cancel dialog
before starting the operation and i am asking if MD
doesn't have such dialogs somewhere, i will need and a
Ok  dialog lik MessageBox from winforms
5. maybe the code can be made more eficient or better
so if someone has somethme to analize it, i added a
class now named hellperClass where i put some
functions i need and my other entries in the code are
2 methods one for adding the menu and other for the
method and i markthem with //simion314 to be easy to
find them 

I made my changes in place(lluis agreed).
The file is from MonoDevelop.Ide.Commands

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