[MonoDevelop] i have some beginer questions

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On Dec 8, 2007 3:52 PM, Ploscariu Simion <simion314 at yahoo.com> wrote:

> hi, my question is: can i use monodevelop to code
> monodevelop? I mean if i can load a solution/combine
> of monodevelop, add classes edit code compile and run
> MD?How can i do this?

Yes you can, what you do is check out two separate MD sources, one as your
stable MD and one as your development MD. MD has a very nice thing where you
can run it without installing by only typing make run, this is very handy
for when you just modified some code and want to see it in action.

MD from SVN comes with the necessary solutions to load from you stable MD.

I'm not sure if this is till needed, but just in case run the configure
script before the first time you compile MD, once you have done this you can
compile MD from within MD (instead of make).

Have fun!

> If you have other recipes to start working on
> MD,please tell me( i read the articles on the website
> and some chapters on the book about sharpdevelop, but
> i must write some code to enderstend what i am
> reading, i have taken a task from TODO kist and i want
> to implement that)
> Thank you all, you are doing a greath job !

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