[MonoDevelop] Using MonoDevelop's dockings

Alejandro Serrano trupill at yahoo.es
Fri Dec 7 07:20:03 EST 2007

I've been trying to use the widgets that MonoDevelop uses for docking in
my own application. However, I haven't found any way to make it work :(

As for now, I have copied the MonoDevelop.Dock folder and compiled it
apart from MonoDevelop. Everything compiles file.

Now I have created a new MonoDevelop project with a Windows, and I've
included the following code:

VBox box = new VBox();
DockFrame frame = new DockFrame();
box.PackStart(frame, true, true, 0);
DockItem it = frame.AddItem("Ejemplo");
it.Label = "Ejemplo";
it.Content = new Button(Stock.Ok);
it.Visible = true;

However, nothing shows in the screen.
What am I doing wrong? Can I use the docking widgets this way?

Thanks in advance,

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