[MonoDevelop] Subdirectory as a Namespace

Federico Di Gregorio fog at initd.org
Mon Dec 3 08:57:48 EST 2007

Il giorno lun, 03/12/2007 alle 14.49 +0100, Jacek Ruzyczka ha scritto:
> Am Montag, 3. Dezember 2007 14:24 schrieb Rafael Teixeira:
> > Hi, your suggestion 2) doesn't work very well for Mono and MonoDevelop
> > itself, that just use the pattern of having the full namespace "path"
> > as the name of the subdirectory containing the sources for that
> > namespace, so it's a quite complex "rule" to derive a namespace.
> >
> > I would rather to have MD just using a simple rule (for me the
> > directory name as the guessed namespace), and have the "Move to
> > Namespace" refactoring implemented, like in Resharper (for VS.NET)
> > that presents a tree of all the namespaces 'nodes' in the project, and
> > also allows to create new nodes(namespaces) if needed
> >
> Marvellous idea. I think we should implement this concept once we've got an 
> opportunity to do so.

So you'll just move every new file to the right namespace manually
(using refactoring) if the directory is "wrong"? Sounds fine to me but
let at least make the "Use directory name as namespace" an option.


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