[MonoDevelop] Subdirectory as a Namespace

Charlie Poole charlie at nunit.com
Mon Dec 3 06:01:16 EST 2007

> > in my quite large SW projekt (ERP system) I have created a 
> handful of 
> > subdirs, which respresent certain types of classes (forms, 
> reports, and the like).
> > When creating a class or widget in such a subdir, I would 
> expect MD to 
> > make the new class a member of some sub-namespace 
> <project>.<subdir>. 
> > However, MD seems only to know the namespace 
> <project>...and that's it.
> > 
> > But, in order to get the various classes into some order, 
> MD should, 
> > for instance, create a namespace like myproject.forms for 
> all classes 
> > the subdir $MYPROJECT/forms. Some Java IDEs (namely 
> NetBeans) do that. 
> > Is this also possible in MD?
> That's not possible right now. Feel free to file a feature 
> request in MD's bugzilla (see 
> http://www.monodevelop.com/Help_%26_Contact).

Visual Studio works that way (creating a sub-namemspace) and
it's sometimes useful but other times I want to change the
namespace in some subdir for a particular reason. I've always
wished I could set the default namespace for a folder, rather
than just for a project.


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