[MonoDevelop] [New user] Nunit references disappeared from project

Frode Petersen fropeter at online.no
Sat Aug 25 08:48:37 EDT 2007

Hello. I'm new to mono, monodevelop and nunits, so please forgive me if 
this is obvious; I can't find a solution to this problem.

I have created a Solution containing a console project and a library 
project. Inside the library project there is one class file and one 
nunit test fixture file.

When I created the tests, I edited the references for the library 
project to include the following: (they were under the Packages tab)
nunit.core		version
nunit.framework		version
nunit.mocks		version
nunit.util		version

When I built the solution, there was a report about an internal error in 
nunit. (I'm sorry, but I have forgotten which one(maybe nullpointer 
something?)) The build went fine apart from there being no report of 
nunit test results. There were no complaints about types or namespaces 
not being recognized.

Since then, I have shut down monodevelop and restarted it. Now I get 
these messages when building:

The type or namespace name `NUnit.Framework' could not be found. Are you 
missing a using directive or an assembly reference?(CS0246)

In the references section of the project all nunit references are gone, 
and they are unavailable for addition. In the other project in the 
solution the nunit references are available in the reference edit window.

I've tried googling, but can't find much info on nunits and monodevelop 
(apart from building monodevelop itself), and how to use these tools 
together. I really could use a tutorial, but they seem to be in an early 
development stage.. ;-)

Fedora core 6
monodevelop 1.12
nunit 2.2

I would be happy for any pointers..

Best regards
Frode Petersen

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