[MonoDevelop] Thanks MonoDevelop Team....

Paulo Aboim Pinto esqueleto at tusofona.com
Fri Aug 17 22:15:58 EDT 2007

I forgot one thing.

One feature that will very nice to see implemented in MonoDevelop is the 
Refactor tools.

Doing things like:
	* Extract Method
	* Promote varible to parameter
	* etc
will be nice way to increase our code writing.

Some months ago I exchange some posts in this Malling List about this 
with someone that was interested to implement this.
I never saw anything done in this area. The only thing that I saw done 
in this way was the implement of an interface and just to the Class or 
Method definition.

Does anyone is working on this?

Paulo Aboim Pinto
Odivelas - Portugal

Paulo Aboim Pinto wrote:
> Hello
> For several months I only use Mono and MonoDevelop to develop my .NET 
> applications. Right now I can develop my objects in Mono / MonoDevelop 
> and import them to SharePoint 2007 for example. Even I could not create 
> ASPX pages that use WebParts, I can create them and use in MOSS 2007.
> There are few points that I would like to see in MonoDevelop that will 
> boost all my (and other) development.
> 1º Collapse parts of Code in Regions
> LLuis told me that this is implemented in GTK 2.10. MonoDevelop use now 
> 2.8 (something like this). When we can have this feature?
> 2º Better code-completion even in HTML files.
> I think (this is my opinion), make code-completion work on ASPX files 
> will boost the ASP.NET development. Of course this is not a priority 
> problem.
> In ASPX files when we write "<" and MonoDevelop should be able to show 
> us all the kind of objects (HTML or ASP.NET) that we could write. Even 
> inside a tag (HTML or ASP.NET) the code-completion should give us all 
> the options that we can use.
> Inside a tag (HTML or ASP.NET) when we open the option CssClass, 
> MonoDevelop should be able to know what CSS files this page use and show 
> all the Css-Class available to be choose.
> VisualStudio do this very well and the VS2008 have all this features.
> 3º Of course, debugger will be nice. Right now I can work without it, 
> but if we have will be good.
> I know that this is now mandatory suggestions but are my suggestions.
> Continue the good work team.
> Paulo Aboim Pinto
> Odivelas - Portugal
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