[MonoDevelop] How to Embed a Configuration File in an Assembly?

Marcos Marín marcosmarin at gmail.com
Sat Aug 11 11:19:08 EDT 2007

By Ben Motmans:
"monodevelop does not generate any code to access resources more easily, so
you will have to do it the default .NET way, by calling

an example:

On 8/11/07, Jacek Ruzyczka <ruzyczka at versanet.de> wrote:
> Hi,
> for my software project (ERP system) written in C# with MonoDevelop, I
> would
> like to store certain configurations needed by the application in text
> files,
> which would then be embedded in the ready-to-use assembly. OK, to add a
> text
> file to the resource list is not difficult, but how shall I address this
> text
> file in my application? For icons I have Gdk.Pixbuf.LoadFromResource(),
> but
> this only works with graphics files of certain types.
> And: As the config file resides inside the assembly, I can't use any
> filesystem references.
> What would interest me most, would be an analogon to the Java
> ResourceBundle.GetBundle() method or the possibility to address certain
> parts
> of the assemly by using special URIs like the jar://... URIs in Java.
> Thanks a lot for your help.
> Jacek
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