[MonoDevelop] Different Config Directory for Debug Run

Valentin Sawadski valentin.sawadski at gmx.de
Sun Aug 5 12:09:41 EDT 2007


I know it's a little bit nerdy to reply to oneself, however I've figured
out by myself that there is no command switch to set the configuration
Directory so I've hacked a little bit myself and made MonoDevelop use
"build/bin" use as its config Directory if invoked from "make run".

Fixed a few other things as well, so everybody please take a look at
it :-)

On Sun, 2007-08-05 at 14:12 +0200, Valentin Sawadski wrote: 
> Hello all,
> I've got problems with running MonoDevelop from the make script.
> A "make run" start uses the same config directory
> (~/.config/MonoDevelop) as my stable MD install. Running my stable MD
> after that results in nice exceptions and error messages. Right now I
> have to backup and restore the config directory everytime I want to run
> my stable MD after I've run the SVN version.
> So is there any way to make MD invoked from "make run" use a different
> config directory so that those two do not interfere with each other?
> Kind Regards,
> Valentin S.
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