[MonoDevelop] Invisible tooltips

Avishay Lavie some.avish at gmail.com
Fri Apr 27 10:49:25 EDT 2007

Hello all.

When using MonoDevelop, the identifier info tooltips (those that appear when
hovering over an identifier in the code) seem to have invisible text. The
size varies according to whatever should have been displayed there,
sometimes they have more than one line, etc, but all I'm getting is the
yellow tooltip rectangle with no text.
The intellisense tooltips (member info, etc.) appear normally, with a gray
background and black text.

I can't check if this is a known issue since bugzilla.ximian.com always
seems to time out when I try to open a monodevelop issue.

I'm using MonoDevelop 0.13.1 compiled from sources on Kubuntu Feisty with
Mono The issue also appears in the official Kubuntu package of
MonoDevelop 0.12.

Is this a known bug? an unknown bug? something wrong with my configuration?
is there a workaround? anything?

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