[MonoDevelop] Short Introduction

jac at kennebel.com jac at kennebel.com
Mon Apr 30 12:42:41 EDT 2007

I'm not sure how introductions are usually handled on this list, but i
thought i'd introduce myself quickly.

Started programming part way through high school, around 16
years ago.  Have coded in most languages at one time or another. (i
live to code) :)

I have managed Windows and Linux systems for years on the side (code has
always been my focus, and my long term goal is to not have any windows  
installs present in my home).

Been dabbling in .NET / C# off and on for a couple of years now,
playing around mostly.  The last several months, between home and
work, really started to dive in to it, so i went through the hassle of
figuring out the details of running it on Linux (running Fedora and
Ubuntu at home currently, soon to be only Fedora), and started to look
around for an IDE.  Found MonoDevelop, and think it is a great product.

I'm hoping to help out with this development effort so that one day i  
can stop running a windows VM with "that other IDE" that is good for  
.NET applications.  :)

Anyway, looking forward to however i may end up helping with this project.  :)

Jeremy A. Cunningham

"May you always have enough Peace and Love." -Blessid Union of Souls

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