[MonoDevelop] Native OS X port

Daniel Morgan monodanmorg at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 9 11:01:39 EDT 2007

Does MonoDevelop even work on Mac OS X using the GTK#

In the past, there have been many efforts to port
MonoDevelop to Windows, but the ports were never
finished.  Most problems involved assumptions of Linux
systems, such as, file paths, file URLs, and loading

Have you completely removed the gtk# stuff?

--- Alex Corrado <corrado at umail.ucsb.edu> wrote:

> Here is a patch with the code I've hacked at so far.
> MD gets its  
> splash up and then hangs.
> >> MD is currently pretty tightly coupled to gtk#,
> so having a
> >> cocoa# front end will make for some interesting
> re-factors.  I'd  
> >> love to
> >> help you with it, though, so please let us see
> the code that you've
> >> developed so far.
> > any patches to improve the separaration
> > cleanly would be much-appreciated.
> I will try to help separate the gui-dependent code
> from the gui- 
> independent code as much as possible as I go
> through. However I am so  
> unfamiliar with the structure of MD that I am very
> hesitant to change  
> more than a few lines of code here and there.
> At this point, I have just commented out the Gtk
> code and swapped in  
> the equivalent Cocoa# code. I guess there should be
> a configure  
> switch and preprocessor directives to select between
> Gtk and cocoa?  
> Or perhaps there is a better way?
> Alex

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