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Arjan Hulshoff arjan.m.hulshoff at zonnet.nl
Wed Sep 27 04:53:28 EDT 2006

Well, I agree that there are many better websites. There is always a 
better one. However comparing it to a company like Microsoft is not 
fair at all. They  have a huge bank account and can afford such 
websites. And still it is crap that they produce. Many developers of 
website forget what the real function of a website is. Personally I am 
not really fond of the sites that you mentioned. Too much information 
on one page without a clear overview. As a visitor, I want to be able 
to see where I can find things within 1 second. Most websites, 
especially of bigger companies, aren't like that. Furthermore a complex 
website, as you suggest, takes more time to maintain. And I think that 
most of us at the mailinglist have a job and don't have that much time 
to maintain sucha site. Anyway, it is ok that there are changes made to 
a logo and/or a website. But I mainly reacted to Gideon's message, 
because I thought that the use of the word dictatorship is not at place 
here and that stop developing the logo to keep it the way it is now, 
can be justified. I am not questioning someone's taste, nor the fact 
that developing the MD logo is stopped.


Citeren Salvatore Scarciglia <s.scarciglia at hyperphar.com>:

> On Tue, 26 Sep 2006 23:46:54 +0200
> Arjan Hulshoff <arjan.m.hulshoff at zonnet.nl> wrote:
>> Well, I like the website. It is just simple and clear. If you compare it
>> to Microsoft's website,  this is much clearer.  I hate the site of
>> Microsoft. Too much crap and you never find what you really need. The
>> logo is ok, not completely my taste though. It is just that it is a
>> matter of taste. And by the way, if you really want great graphics then
>> Apple is a far better example. However it is still not very popular. So
>> I don't agree with the theory that the graphics are the key success. The
>> success of Microsoft is far more complex, then some graphics...
> Ok, the success of Microsoft is based on a large number of things, but take a
> look at the following web site:
> http://www.icsharpcode.net/OpenSource/SD/
> http://www.eclipse.org/
> http://www.netbeans.org/
> When I first saw these sites my thought was "Hey, what a professional
> environment !!!". This is not what I have thought looking at MD site.
> I'm sorry.
> My proposal for the new MD logo and splash screen is just an attempt 
> to improve
> the "look and feel" of MonoDevelop "universe".
> Regards,
> Salvatore
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