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Arjan Hulshoff arjan.m.hulshoff at zonnet.nl
Mon Sep 25 10:58:40 EDT 2006

I wouldn't call it dictatorship. At some point there has to be made the 
decision to stop change the logo. It is not good to change your logo 
continously, because a logo is a brand. People recognize a logo and it 
is important to position yourself in the market. So I can understand 
this decision. Eventhough this is an open source application, it still 
needs a recognizable brand and to become popular. And after all that is 
what we all want... Popular open source applications for everyone, used 
by everyone. Maybe Lluis should have told it differently, but that is 
merely a choice of words. It is all marketing. Something most of us 
don't deal with, but is still a part of the acceptance of an 


Citeren Gideon de Swardt <gdeswardt1978 at yahoo.co.uk>:

>> I think there is no point in opening the logo discussion again. People
>> in the list already gave their opinion on the colors to use. The
>> original colors where the most preferred colors.
>> Lluis
> Isn't that a bit dictatorship like?
> There are some that in a later post indicated that they thought it was a
> good idea to open it up again and then have a vote on it and open up the
> vote to people outside of the monodevelop development community, to get
> their feedback.
> Thought we are supposed to be a community, where people can voice their
> interest ideas etc. Thought open source meant open in every sense of the way
> and not dictatorship. Maybe it was a very novel and innocent of me to think
> that.
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