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Terry L. Triplett c0d3g33k at gmail.com
Thu Sep 21 09:17:01 EDT 2006

I can attest to the value of this.  I currently use X-develop, and its
native support for the VS.NET solution/project files has been very useful,
particularly when working on cross-platform .NET projects where I bounce
back and forth between Windows and Linux for development and testing (often
against the same source tree via a shared network drive).  Or when I have to
do some serious debugging, which I can't currently do easily on Linux and
have to turn to VS.  Being able to work against the same project files has
been very helpful.

On 9/21/06, Gideon de Swardt <gdeswardt1978 at yahoo.co.uk> wrote:
> Is everybody for native support for VS.NET?
> I think native support would provide needed functionality and high
> flexibility for users to switch between VS.NET, SD and MD. Especially as
> VS.NET developers would not switch over immediately, it is process and
> native support would allow them to test drive MD without having to convert
> their projects. I know this was a feature that I requested, back in the
> days
> when I was test-driving SD.
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