[MonoDevelop] Visual Studio 2005 Import

Marek Sieradzki marek.sieradzki at gmail.com
Wed Sep 20 15:10:48 EDT 2006

Dnia 20-09-2006, śro o godzinie 19:43 +0100, Gideon de Swardt
> Hi All
> Is anybody currently working on creating support for importing Visual
> Studio 2005 support? 
> I would see this as a pretty big feature for converting current
> Microsoft Developers to Mono and MonoDevelop. If nobody as started
> this effort then I might as well do, or else if somebody already
> started the effort then I might be able to contribute to make it
> happen.

You can use existing code from SharpDevelop 2 and port it to MonoDevelop.
There's quite a lot of things to improve in XBuild before making it
supported by MonoDevelop makes sense. I made very general list of things
to do on mono-project.com/Microsoft.Build .
Marek Sieradzki <marek.sieradzki at gmail.com>

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