[MonoDevelop] iKVM Library Project Problem

Brian Nantz brian at nantz.org
Wed Sep 20 14:16:21 EDT 2006

I am trying to compile java code in monodevelop and got ikvm to compile the Jakarta commons and log4j which are the only assemblies I reference.  I got the project to compile sucesfully once.  Then I cleaned the project and built it again and this is all I get:


Performing main compilation...

Gereating reference stubs...

Compiling Java source code...

Generating assembly...

Eror: file not found *.class

Build complete -- 1 error, 0 warnings


I used to get java compiler errors but I have fixed them all and as I said it did create the assembly once.  Now I can not repeat it.


Is there a way to get more verbose output from the monodevelop build output?  What commands is it trying to run?  Could it be a permissions or path problem?


I am using Monodevelop .10 on Ubuntu - the MonoLive WMware.


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated,


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