[MonoDevelop] Goto class dialog

Lluis Sanchez lluis at ximian.com
Mon Sep 18 11:41:11 EDT 2006

El dom, 17-09-2006 a las 22:09 +0200, Jacob Ilsø Christensen escribió:
> Hi.
> The attached patch adds a goto class dialog (written in MD's GUI
> designer!) to MonoDevelop. The GUI is still a bit crude, 

it is, indeed ;-)

The ideal design would have an entry box where you would type the name
of the class and the dialog would find any class matching the substring
(including the namespace in the search). The list of classes needs to be

> but it should
> be functional enough.
> A few comments:
> * I could not find a way to make the menu item appear after Goto Line
> even though I used insertafter. Maybe due to the order in which the
> menu is built?

Yeah, that's probably the problem. The search entries are added by the
editor add-in, whose commands are loaded after the IDE commands.

> * I did not know how to autogenerate the source code from the stetic
> file from a Makefile so the autogenerated code is in the patch too.

That's ok. Including the generated code is the right thing to do.


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