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> > I've managed to get MonoDevelop 0.12 to load, I removed the
> > MonoDevelop.XmlEditor_0.1.0 directory from MonoDevelop/Addins. Now how
> > do I get the AspNetEdit Addin to display webforms in Designer mode?
> There are some basic instructions at
> http://mjhutchinson.com/journal/2006-22-08/aspnetedit_ready_for_release. 

> Please read the 'known issues' 

Here are some known issues with AspNetEdit:

     1. To get some items in the toolbox, you'll need to add
        $PREFIX/lib/mono/2.0/System.Web.dll using the button on the
        toolbox toolbar.
     2. On Firefox 1.5+ the control selection handles disappear after a
        few seconds. Mozilla 1.7 works fine.
     3. The code from the design view can't be saved with older releases
        of Mono. This is caused by a bug in Mono's 2.0 classlib (or
        runtime) that has been fixed in SVN HEAD as of 11 Sept 2006.
     4. The XUL/JS addin needs to be registered with your global
        Mozilla/Firefox profile. This happens when you install
        MonoDevelop, but if don't want to install the rest of
        Monodevelop (e.g. if you use 'make run') then you can just 'sudo
        make install' in the Extras/AspNetEdit/chrome directory.

I did 1. and I don't get any items in the toolbox.

What does 2. mean? I don't have any controls to put anywhere.

I'm running Mono, so 3. seems irrelevent.

I installed MonoDevelop from the RPM (I'm using the SuSE 10.0 RPMs), so
4. should have have been done.

> and make sure that MonoDevelop is using
> the same Mozilla runtime into which the XUL runtime was installed.

How? I'm using Mandriva Linux 2006 with KDE 3.5.4 (with GNOME 2.1.2), my
version of Mozilla is 1.7.11. My default browser is Firefox

> > I created a new ASP.NET project but when I open the .aspx file I get
> > only the html and no option to load it in designer view.
> The designer is built as a separate option to the basic ASP.NET
> support, because it's unstable, has more dependencies and is more
> difficult to get working.
> > Also I can't load an updated version of MonoDevelop.XmlEditor because
> > there isn't one.
> There's a new release on SF:
> http://sourceforge.net/forum/forum.php?forum_id=610481

Thanks, I've now got the latest version of MonoDevelop.XmlEditor

I still don't have any option for a Designer view, I can only see the
aspx as html, but the code behind now displays correctly in the solution
treeview. The test web application does compile and run but MonoDevelop


Tracy Barlow

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