[MonoDevelop] Code Completion in Ubuntu 6.06 LTS

Firebird dphoenix at skynet.be
Tue Sep 12 16:32:43 EDT 2006

Hi all,

I have a problem using code completion in MonoDevelop with Ubuntu 6.06. 
This problem was also reported in August by two other Ubuntu users in 
this thread: 

Someone suggested in the thread that a small error such as a missing ';' 
might be the cause, but even something very simple will not work. For 
example, creating a new Console project generates this code:

// project created on 12/09/2006 at 22:12
using System;

namespace Test
    class MainClass
        public static void Main(string[] args)
            Console.WriteLine("Hello World!");

Typing 'Console.' or 'System.' or anything similar will not display the 
code completion window. Typing 'using ' will display the code completion 
window with Microsoft, System and Test but typing 'using Microsoft.', 
'using System.', etc.  will not work either. It also doesn't work in 
other projects (e.g. typing 'Application.', 'app.', ...) in a new GTK# 
project. It seems that it just won't work after typing a dot.

The 'code completion' checkbox in preferences is checked - I also tried 
removing the CodeCompletion directory in ~/.config/MonoDevelop and the 
~/.config/MonoDevelop directory itself, but that didn't make any 
difference except for the .pidb files being rebuilt.

I tested this with both the 'old' MonoDevelop version in the Ubuntu repo 
(0.10-0pre1ubuntu6) and the latest version, It's possible that 
this will be fixed with the upcoming Ubuntu Edgy release or with a 6.06 
re-install, but I thought it may be important to mention :). Of course, 
any suggestions or ideas to try out are more than welcome.


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