[MonoDevelop] Win32 patch

Lluis Sanchez lluis at ximian.com
Tue Sep 12 10:42:45 EDT 2006

El mar, 12-09-2006 a las 09:30 -0500, Levi Bard escribió:
> > The patch looks ok to commit. Just a few comments:
> >
> > Since I'm not sure the workaround in
> > MonoDevelop.Core.Execution/MonoPlatformExecutionHandler.cs is still
> > needed, please don't delete that code, just comment it.
> OK, will do.
> > In the csharp binding, what's StreamRedirector for? we can't rely on
> > ">out 2>err"? you should explain it in the changelog.
> That's exactly what it's for, because we're executing in a more
> general manner now instead of assuming /bin/sh or trying to figure out
> what shell we're using and then trying to leverage that.

Ok, maybe you could use ProcessService.StartProcess for this. It has an
overload which take two TextWriter for the output and the error streams.


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