[MonoDevelop] New Task List patch - preview

David Makovský (Yakeen) yakeen at sannyas-on.net
Tue Sep 5 15:08:13 EDT 2006

Lluis Sanchez píše v Út 05. 09. 2006 v 18:01 +0200:
> El mié, 30-08-2006 a las 21:01 +0200, David Makovský (Yakeen) escribió:
> > Hi all,
> > 
> > after some time I worked again on new Task List implementation, here is
> > preview patch. I would appreciate comments on code, gui and
> > functionality.
> > 
> > Basic description what is done:
> > 
> > There is new Task List option in preferences where you can setup tokens
> > for aggregating tasks from comments (eg. //TODO: do something) and
> > Choosing colors for priorities highlighting.
> > 
> > Next we have new Task List pad ("old" one is renamed to "Errors List")
> > and this one have an toolbar with combo to switch between "generated"
> > tasks and user tasks.
> > 
> > User Tasks are interactively editable, you can set three values -
> > priority, completion, description. Priority causes color highlighting of
> > tasks. These tasks are stored in userprefs file of main solution.
> > 
> > Generated tasks are filled when files are parsed (this patch ads support
> > for C#, as I know VB has this, other languages are unknown to me, but
> > filling ICompilationUnit.TagComments when parsing will do the trick...).
> > Collected data are stored in pidb files together with last valid Tokens
> > that was used for parsing. Hopefully all situations when you change your
> > tokens are handled well, I tried to prevent unnecessary re-parsing, but
> > for first time you have to :)
> > Generated Tasks have no priority highlighting yet, but it is on my TODO
> > for future.
> > 
> > So let me know what is your experience.

Hi Lluis,
firstly thanks for feedback, exactly in directions I expected :) 

> Some comments:
> I think it would be better to store user tasks in its own file, instead
> of the .userprefs file. This file stores user preferences for the
> combine, and tasks are not preferences, but real data.

When I think about, it has sense. I'll do it this way.

> The decision about whether the a parser db has to be reparsed or not has
> to be taken by the db itself, not by the GUI. The code completion
> database should take care of monitoring changes in the
> "Monodevelop.TaskListTokens" property, and reparse the db when needed.
> The methods LastValidTaskListTokens, RemoveSpecialCommentTag and
> QueueAllFilesForParse would not be needed in this way.

I thought it would need re-factoring, I had bad feeling about exposing
some functionality to world.

> I'm also wondering if we should have a more generic and plugable task
> service, so we can integrate other task sources, such as bugzilla or
> sourceforge. But I still don't know what would be the best way of
> modeling this.

I'm also not sure how to do it exactly, I was minding about abstracting
view little bit to expose functionality to design and work with data.
Then we can have plug-able content views. I'll do some experiments on

> Comments on the code:
> DefaultParserService.cs:1093
> The call to OnParseInformationChanged should not be necessary since it
> is already called by DoParseFile().

hmm, sure I see now

> DefaultParserService.cs:1610
> Why update coreDatabase?

hmm, there is nothing like this around this line, may you specify a
function name?

> CodeCompletionDatabase.cs
> A better place for storing comments would be FileEntry. There is already
> a hashtable for files.

Good idea, I'll take it

> OpenTaskView.cs
> To avoid confusion, it would be better to rename it to ErrorListPad.

I wanted to propose this in later phase

Thanks in advice,

> Lluis.
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