[MonoDevelop] Version Control in MonoDevelop

Joshua Tauberer jt at occams.info
Mon Sep 4 08:48:55 EDT 2006

Martey Dodoo wrote:
> I would appreciate some pointers on getting the Version Control add-in
> for MonoDevelop working. While I have it installed, I do not seem to
> be able to use it. When I right-click on a project or solution, the
> "Version Control" submenu appears, but is empty.

At the moment, the add-in only does things for files in directories that
are already Subversion working copies -- i.e. files that are already
under version control.  There's no way to do a checkout with the add-in.
 Could that be what's happening?

(This was a potential Summer of Code project, but I haven't heard that
anyone picked up on it.)

- Joshua Tauberer


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