[MonoDevelop] Managed Line Editor

Alejandro Serrano trupill at yahoo.es
Tue Oct 31 16:36:49 EST 2006

I've been looking and the SharpDevelop 2.0 text editor, which is
completely separated from the #D main base, and I've found that it may
be a good point to start. Indeed, we just would need to change SWF
Control to the base class of GTK# controls, because the painting is done
directly on a Graphics object and as far as I know, GTK# controls can
use Graphics in Mono.
Even though MD is a completely different project from SD, it would be
good to share what they have (and their code is fast, allows insight and
completion windows, and has support for showing tooltips, debugging

Alejandro Serrano

Matej Urbas escribió:
> On Tue, 2006-10-31 at 20:27 +0100, Kamil Skalski wrote:
>>> things? Better integrate parsers with editors?
>> An extremely cool idea would be to build editor based from the
>> beginning on abstract-syntax-trees. The internal representation of
>> presented text would be the tree of nodes structured according to the
>> syntax of the language given text is written in.
>> Ok, this is more of a research / experiment idea, but the consequences
>> are interesting.
>> Cons:
>> - it would be quite hard to design a flexible enough, yet still
>> usable, tree representation which would be suitable for every possible
>> language / text type to be presented and edited
>> - it would be generally harder to implement, at least at the beginning
>> where we need to map user input into code structure changes
>> - similar to the previous point, arbitrary text pastes and cuts would
>> be more expansive and harder to implement
>> Pros:
>> - syntax highlighting, code folding, refactoring, etc. would be almost
>> "core features" of the editor itself
>> - code formatting features would be... hm, just a tiny issue of presentation
>> - faster (because one layer closer to the implementation) code
>> analysis and advanced programming assistance features - language
>> bindings could easily analyze existing AST and track its changes
>> instead of re-parsing text all the time
> Yep, I was thinking about this a while back, but such an editor would
> really be too specialized for what would be needed in MonoDevelop and
> Mono world.
> You are right, a lot of things would open up.
> For example, one could introduce totally different approaches to coding:
>    imagine: you wouldn't type words anymore - you would mostly insert
> snippets.
>    for example: you don't use random words in C# - you use keywords or
> defined variables - defined tokens. The editor would instantly know what
> you can do at which place in your code - like code completion, but much
> more integrated. You would not code through typing names, but through
> refactoring.
>    A totally different coding paradigm...
> Stuff like that - a perfect research work! But I'd like something more
> 'tried' for MonoDevelop and Mono :)
> But hey, nothing is hindering you to start such a project! (Except maybe
> the lack of time - if you are experiencing it - I certainly do :) )
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