[MonoDevelop] Rename refactoring

Ilias Bartolini ilias.bartolini at studio.unibo.it
Wed Nov 29 14:05:53 EST 2006

On Wednesday 29 November 2006 08:50, you wrote:
> > We can't use F2, F3, F4, ...
> Why not?

Actually I've not verified if they are alredy used. 
When you use F1,F2,... you have to move your hands to an unused place of your 
keyboard: I don't like Fn keys. 
They are typically used for help, building, debugging, step-over and so on 
because you use them when you have finished writing code.

It's better to use keys that are reachable when you are writing code without 
need to raise your hands.
I'd like refactorings to be reachable as an all-in-one-flow with code writing.

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