[MonoDevelop] Bugzilla Bug 79591

Nate Hancock nchancock at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 28 22:11:25 EST 2006

The bug appears to be here:


Line 75:
        void AddFiles(Project project) 
            foreach (ProjectFile file in project.ProjectFiles) { 
                if (file.BuildAction == BuildAction.Compile && 
                    file.Subtype     == Subtype.Code) { 
                    files.Add (file.Name); 

Notice that no files with BuildAction.EmbedAsResource are added to the iterator's files list. Thus they are never added to the list of files to be searched. 

The only problem I can see with just adding another inclusion criteria is that files that are not text (i.e., png, pidb, etc) could be added as well. 

Would it be too restrictive to put a filename clause on the inclusion criteria like ".xml" or something?


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