[MonoDevelop] Welcome Page Localization Patch

Gideon de Swardt gdeswardt1978 at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Nov 27 12:28:23 EST 2006

Hi All

Please find attach a new updated patch for the Welcome Page localization. The changes in this patch is that the content of the Welcome Page is now specified in an xml document, which allow intltool-update to merge any strings into the pot files.

The Welcome Page then merge this xml with the list of recent projects and use the new xml document to transform and output the Html. The Xsl is still using the extension object then to extract the correct string for the current specified language.

I have also created a proxy class for the GetString method instead of changing the MonoDevelop.Core.GettextCatalog constructor from private to public, as suggested by Lluis. 

Please review and let me know if it is okay to commit.


Gideon de Swardt


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