[MonoDevelop] Planning MonoDevelop 1.0

Ildar Mulyukov ildar at users.sourceforge.net
Thu Nov 23 08:15:43 EST 2006


On 23.11.2006 18:55:22, Lluis Sanchez wrote:
>  I'm talking about doing 3 releases in 4 months. I don't think we can  
> do  more releases than those.


>  Code completion gets documentation from monodoc, but that's   
> independent  from to the integrated documentation browser. We can get  
> rid of the  integrated browser and still be able to have  
> documentation in code  completion.
>>  But having external monodoc  GUI is quite memory-expensive. I  
>> guess, that calling monodoc.exe  from  inside the same mono VM, that  
>> MD is in, would low memory-usage  figure.  After all, you can make a  
>> switch in preferences to use  internal/external monodoc, ha?
> That's a possibility. My concern is that there are many features   
> (such  as search or index) that are not supported by the integrated  
> doc  browser. So right now I think it would be easier to just start   
> monodoc.exe in an external process (and communicate with it maybe   
> using  remoting), rather than trying to integrate all those features  
> in MD.

So you think that having MD and monodoc GUI in one Mono VM is a bad  

> As Rafael pointed out, MD already has a command line build tool.

Yes, thank you and Rafael.

>  There is a standalone Stetic designer. The plan is to release it in   
> sync  with MD 1.0, so you could use it to design your forms even when  
> not  using MD.

I'll look at it.

>>>  * MonoQuery database management: I have no idea of what is the   
>>> status  of this add-in. I have never really used it. Can  somebody   
>>> give  input about it? Do we want to support it for 1.0?
>>  Ok. MonoQuery brings a great idea of having access to Databases,   
>> that  are used for application development. But for this purpose it   
>> misses   several things.  1. It should store it's configuration data  
>> in Solution file, not in  MD  config dir. In other words, it should  
>> be per project.  2. It should make use of reflections. Requiring  
>> Sybase, IBM DB2 is  overkill for RAD/IDE. The DB code, that uses  
>> reflection can be  found  in  SqlSharpGtk project:   
>> http://forge.novell.com/modules/xfmod/project/?sqlsharpgtk
> So, that's my concern. Looks like this add-in is not complete enough  
> and  that nobody is maintaining it. Do you think it is worth  
> including it  in  MD 1.0 in its current status?

IMO MonoQuery is stable enough and useful enough to be included in 1.0.  
What I pointed before is a wish list to polish it.

>>  IMHO AFAIK the SCM, that's going to become a winner is GIT. Any   
>> plans?
> If anybody wants to work on it, that would be awesome.

I see.

> > Well, the good news is: Nemerle project already preparing to 1.0
> > release in similar way, as MD. So I expect that it will enter the
> > feature freeze / ABI freeze early enough to be MD-1.0-ready.
> That would be great!
>>  I'd like  to listen to the guy, who made a great effort to  
>> nemerle-lang  AddIn.  As  soon, as I build SVN version of MD, I'll  
>> make some bug reports.  In fact, as for MD-0.12 + Nemerle SVN is  
>> quite good and useful.

I just hope that "that" guy will be there, when it comes to 1.0

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