[MonoDevelop] Planning MonoDevelop 1.0

"Andrés G. Aragoneses [ knocte ] "Andrés G. Aragoneses [ knocte ]
Wed Nov 22 18:54:00 EST 2006

Hi! This is great news for MD!

Here goes mi opinion:

Lluis Sanchez escribió:
> [...]
>       * Debugger: I know a lot of people will ask for this, but I fear
>         the debugger won't be ready by our code freeze date. We can
>         release it later on as a separate add-in.

I also think that this is going to be the most requested feature.

>       * Text editor: There are several requests/issues to solve: 
>               * Parameter completion: after typing the name of a method,
>                 show a popup window with information about the
>                 parameters the method takes. 

This is very interesting, but I noted you didn't mention about
supporting overloading?

>       * VS importer: Ankit is working on supporting VS2005 files right
>         now. The idea is that you can open VS files directly in MD and
>         work with those projects like if they were native projects. It
>         will support writing changes such as adding files or modifying
>         the project configuration. Ideally, we should do the same for
>         VS2003 (right now it only supports importing for VS2003
>         projects).

This is great too.

>       * ASP.NET support: I don't know if this add-in can be mature
>         enough for the 1.0 release. I'll need input on that (which
>         features could we release? would the add-in be really useful for
>         real world web projects?).

What about creating WebService projects?

>       * GTK# designer: There are several features to be implemented in
>         the designer before the release: 
>               * Support partial classes when generating code. 
>               * Support for Undo/Redo. 

I like this two too. And what about l10n+stetic?

>       * Version Control: I recently integrated some of the changes done
>         for the Google SoC project and improved it a lot. Support for
>         SVN is mostly functional. What's missing is support for CVS. It
>         would be nice to have for MD 1.0.

I'm trying this addin these days and I am always getting an exception
with the simplest operation: svn update. Should I file a bug or wait
until more stability?

>       * Welcome page: It looks ok to me.

What about the patch that was posted some time ago to be able to
localize this addin with Xslt arguments?

>       * Web references: I'd like to integrate the web references add-in
>         implemented by Gideon de Swardt. The only problem I see is that
>         it only supports .NET 2.0 projects. It would be nice to make it
>         work for 1.1 as well.

I also think this is a must for a 1.0.

>       * Xml editor: It's being maintained outside of MD, so nothing to
>         add. Just to make sure it works when we release 1.0.

Could it be added to the main release of MD although it's not in SVN?

>       * Autotools: There are several features I'd like to support for MD
>         1.0: 
>               * Support integration with existing Makefiles. That is, if
>                 somebody has a project with complex build rules which
>                 can't be emulated by MD, just make it possible to
>                 delegate the entire build process to Make, and still be
>                 able to launch the build from inside MD. About modifying
>                 the Makefile in MD, I think supporting adding/removing
>                 files would be enough for now. 
>               * We need to find a solution for file templates (.in
>                 files). MD uses some of them. We need to support them in
>                 the MD build model if we want to be able to completely
>                 build MD using MD. 
>               * There may be other missing features needed for
>                 self-hosting MD. 

I suppose that this last one would be the best to attract contributors
to MD, besides users.

Thanks for all the updated info about MD!


	Andrés	[ knocte ]


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