[MonoDevelop] Winforms app MissingManifestResourceException

Sorin Peste neaorin at gmail.com
Mon Nov 13 16:06:04 EST 2006

I'm trying to build Microsoft's Enterprise Library (the 1.1, June 2005
version) under Mono. I have imported the VS solution in Monodevelop and
(after a bit of tweaking) I have managed to build it, but I get an
exception when trying to run the Configuration Console I just built.
This is a Windows.Forms 1.1 app. The exception is:

Unhandled Exception: System.Resources.MissingManifestResourceException:
Could not find any resource appropiate for the specified culture or its
parents. Make sure
was correctly embedded or linked into assembly "EntLibConfig".

When inspecting the assembly with Reflector, I can see that specific
resource was embedded as


whereas the MS .NET (csc.exe) version has it embedded as


The resource file name is MainForm.resx. Is there a way to specify in
Monodevelop how this should be embedded ?

I have since managed to build it correctly by hand, using mcs and the
-resource switch; I'm getting another runtime error which is probably
related to mono / mcs, and I'll post it in the appropriate list.

Almost forgot: mono 1.2 (SUSE RPM), monodevelop 0.12 (RPM), SUSE Linux i386.


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