[MonoDevelop] Visual Studio 2005 Imports (sln, csproj)

Charlie Poole charlie at pooleconsulting.com
Thu Nov 9 15:23:49 EST 2006

Hi Lluis,

> > Another option would be to support load but not save in the 
> VS format. 
> > Is there a big need to support round-tripping?
> MD's project model is pluggable, so by just implementing the 
> IFileFormat interface it is possible to support new file 
> formats for projects and solutions, and that interface 
> includes Load and Save operations. The result will be that MD 
> users will be able to open VS solutions using the standard 
> open project command, and work with them as if they were 
> native MD projects. By supporting project save users can for 
> example add files to a project without having to bother about 
> synchronizing different project files (since there would be 
> only one project file).

That makes sense.


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