[MonoDevelop] Visual Studio 2005 Imports (sln, csproj)

Lluis Sanchez lluis at ximian.com
Wed Nov 8 19:49:05 EST 2006

El dc 08 de 11 del 2006 a les 00:11 -0500, en/na Miguel de Icaza va
> Hello,
> > Has anyone started doing any work on importing VS2005 projects and
> > solutions into monodevelop?  I started doing in this and realized I
> > should see if any work has been done so far on it and while I was
> > working on it I came up with a few questions.
> > 
> > Should we just import the csproj and sln files and convert them to
> > mdp/mds or should we actually support them and allow MD to use them
> > natively?
> Although I think that at the high-level the solution format might be
> possible to support, I wonder how to cope with the actual build files,
> that are in "msbuild" format.
> Today we have a partial implementation of xbuild, I wonder if we would
> have to call into that for building the software.

There are two separate things to implement: loading projects and
building projects. For loading projects we don't need msbuild. We just
need to read the xml file and create a project model from it (and do the
reverse operation when saving). For building we can either use the MD
build system (it should work if the project model has been properly
created) or we could call xbuild. Until xbuild is ready we can just the
MD build system.


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