[MonoDevelop] Web Reference

Gideon de Swardt gdeswardt1978 at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Nov 6 06:57:17 EST 2006

Hi Lluis

I have not worked on the add-in in quite some time due to another project
that required more of my attention. It was always my intension to include
what ever add-ins I wrote into the main source library for MonoDevelop.
Mainly because this would allow other people to contribute to new features
as well as help mature the add-ins.

As far as I know there is only one bug with the Web Reference add-in, and
that is that the embedded browser control (GtkMozEmbedded) crashes when
trying to access a secure website via HTTPS

I also have the following enhancements planned for the add-in

* NetworkCredential support
* Allow Web Reference items to be renamed once it has been generated
* Add copy, cut and paste functionality (clipboard) to copy/move web
references to any other project.
* Add the functionality to render custom html when a wsdl or disco file is
viewed in the browser. The intial work for this is already done but need to
fix the bug, that does not render the data to the browser control
* Add a TreeView Widget on the add dialog to display the available services
for the current uri.

Do you want me to submit a patch containing all the source code integrated
into the make process for the Web Reference? I don't have write access to
the source library.


Gideon de Swardt

> I'm wondering if you have an updated version of the add-in, and if you
> are still working on it. It would be nice to have this add-in in MD.
> Lluis.

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