[MonoDevelop] TextEditor

Matej Urbas matej.urbas at gmail.com
Sat Nov 4 09:26:25 EST 2006


Actually not! SharpDevelop uses non-segmented text buffers (with layered line managers).

But judging from the previous series of posts, I guess that most people were in favour of line-segmented text buffers.

So, it won't be a total port... (by me at least, since I'm strictly against non-segmented text buffers :D )

And another thing: SharpDevelop uses one-dimensional coordinate space to insert or remove text (e.g.: Insert(int offset, string str) ).
Since all text editors care only for which line and column they are at, I suggest we have a two-dimensional coordinate space [line:offset].
I think that having such a coordinate space will decrease editing time (from O(n) to O(1)).

Well, have you ever seen an editor, that displays the absolute offset of the character you are currently editing? :-D

If you have a line-segmented editor, it's much easier to determine at which line you are and at which column...

Of course, this topic is perfect for a discussion ;-)


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