[MonoDevelop] Running monodevelop locally

Sanford Armstrong sanfordarmstrong at gmail.com
Wed May 31 10:06:42 EDT 2006

On 5/31/06, Grzegorz Sobanski <silk at boktor.net> wrote:
> * Rafael Teixeira <monoman at gmail.com> [2006-05-31 14:26]:
> > For now, on the console you should run ".configure.sh
> > --prefix=/usr/local" and then "make && sudo make instal"l, and you
> Yeap.
> But that require the "make install" step.
> When developing, making small patches, etc it would be "a little
> uncomfortable" with make install after every compile.
> I suppose people are launching local - from devel tree - MD after
> compile.
> But I had the same problem as Mark - it didn't run, because it
> conflicted with the installed version.
> Any idea? Some special settings? :)

Instead of `make install`, try `make run`.  That will run MD directly
out of the build directory.  No need to install every time you test a


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