[MonoDevelop] Running monodevelop locally

Rafael Teixeira monoman at gmail.com
Wed May 31 08:21:08 EDT 2006

We use the autotools generated Makefiles to develop MD, mainly because
mds/mdp files aren't up to the task, yet. Work is being done on
supportting autotools (a plugin) directly inside MD, to make it able
to develop it with itself.

For now, on the console you should run ".configure.sh
--prefix=/usr/local" and then "make && sudo make instal"l, and you
will end up with another MD in the /usr/local/bin, or use another
prefix different from the one MD is currently installed for Ubuntu.
Just create another Desktop launcher for this new MD to use it.


On 5/2/06, Mark Howard <mh at tildemh.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I've been following monodevelop for a while now and have attempted a
> few times to start making small modifications but always fall over at
> the first hurdle. Tonight I've found createmdps.pl on this list
> archive which generates *.mds/mdp files, which is a huge step forward,
> but now monodevelop is failing to start. I assume this is due to
> loading some libraries from the local build and some from the system
> build - how can I get around this without installing monodevelop. i.e.
> I have a ubuntu packaged monodevelop and a local svn copy and want to
> be able to run both independently. I've attached the error message and
> any help would be very much appreciated.
> I'd really like to make more patches like these - monodevelop looks
> like it has great potential, but there are many small areas which need
> improvement (as well as the larger tasks which people seem to be
> working on). Please help lower the barriers to monodevelop development
> so that more people are motivated to join in. Is there any reason why
> old/non-functional mds/mdp files are in svn but the useful
> createmdps.pl script isn't? (IMHO, it should be called as default from
> configure) I've attached a diff with the new solution/project files
> from createmdps in case you want to update the current files in svn.
> Attached:
> error.txt - details of the current error
> errorsel.diff - patch to make the error message summary selectable
> projects.diff - updated solution/project files
> Regards,
> Mark Howard
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