[MonoDevelop] Re: Getting ready for MD 0.11

Claude Renglet c.renglet at nirond.be
Fri May 5 09:26:55 EDT 2006

The file is named "/home/cr/caractères accentués.txt" (created for other
international purpose).
If I rename it "/home/cr/caracteres accentues.txt", every thing goes ok.

sorry, do you mean changing theme icons under the xdm manager ?

Version info :
monodevelop 0.10
mono 1.1.15 (installation from the last mono binaries)
Mandriva 2006 (in english) under KDE 3.4 (same behaviors with Gnome)

Lluis Sanchez wrote:
>> Hi Lluis,
>> I'm trying to get monodevelop running on my Mandriva 2006 laptop, I've followed
>>  since 3 weeks the different forums about my problem without success.
>> My problem is similar to the #bug report 77135, in FileIconLoader.cs,
>> GetPixbufForfile, the function gnome_icon_lookupsync generate a crash at
>> monodevelop startup.
>> This morning, I think I've found the origin of my (the) problem :
>> Since I live in Belgium, and my usual language is french, I have some files in
>> my home folder that contains specific french characters (eg éèàç...).
>> If I rename the files without those characters, monodevelop launch nice.
> I tried creating a file with those characters in my home folder at MD
> did not crash. Does it fail for you with just one of those characters?
> Does changing the icon theme have any effect?
>> Is there another way of getting monodevelop running when home folder contains
>> filename with french characters?
>> Hope this can help.
>> Claude
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