[MonoDevelop] Some question for the Nemerle add-in

Alejandro Serrano trupill at yahoo.es
Mon May 29 14:49:11 EDT 2006

>> 1. How can I get the Monodoc information shown as in C# and VB bindings?
> If the documentation is properly registered in Monodoc, it should be
> shown by code completion. This is unrelated to language bindings,
> information is only shown for assemblies.
I don't mean showing Monodoc tab, but showing the information C# and VB 
bindings show in completion window, about the member selected from the 
list in each moment.
>> 3. Finally, the  use of Stetic in Nemerle. When I first add a window, 
>> the .n file is correctly generated. However, when I clic the window in 
>> the tree view to show the designer, it shows me a box asking for a file,
>> and when I click OK, it creates a .cs file (in C#). However, I've 
>> checked that a generated.n file is correctly generated. Is this a 
>> problem of the Stetic add-in or a Nemerle add-in problem?
> This might be a problem in the stetic add-in, I'll review it. In any
> case, to fully support the Stetic designer you'll need to implement an
> IRefactorer interface for Nemerle (you can also subclass BaseRefactorer,
> which is a default implementation of IRefactorer).
I implemented most of the methods in 
Extras/NemerleBinding/Parser/CodeGeneration.cs, where BaseRefactorer is 
subclassed. The problem, however, seems to be that Stetic add-in is 
looking for a .cs file instead of allowing any kind of file. I've 
haven't looked into Stetic add-in codebase though, so this is just my view.

Thanks for the help,

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