[MonoDevelop] Some question for the Nemerle add-in

Alejandro Serrano trupill at yahoo.es
Mon May 29 11:11:19 EDT 2006

First of all, thanks for comitting the add-in to SVN. However, I have 
some questions that I need to get answered to continue improving it:

1. How can I get the Monodoc information shown as in C# and VB bindings?
2. I've seen method information in Compeltion window is always shown in 
the C# order (in VB or Nemerle add-ins either). Are there any plans to 
change it so it takes the information from the add-in? If you tell me 
how this information is retrieved, I could try changing by myself.
3. Finally, the  use of Stetic in Nemerle. When I first add a window, 
the .n file is correctly generated. However, when I clic the window in 
the tree view to show the designer, it shows me a box asking for a file, 
and when I click OK, it creates a .cs file (in C#). However, I've 
checked that a generated.n file is correctly generated. Is this a 
problem of the Stetic add-in or a Nemerle add-in problem?

Thanks in advance,
Alejandro Serrano "Serras"

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