[MonoDevelop] Autotool Deployment Addin

Scott Ellington scottellington at comcast.net
Tue Mar 28 11:37:15 EST 2006


On Mon, 2006-03-27 at 20:45 +0200, Matze Braun wrote:
> Things to be done:
>  - Deploy into a new directory and copy relevant files over instead of
> spreading the Makefile.ams around the project

That should be optional.  Some will want it the way it is.

>  - An option to let users override the templates that are used
>  - Some wizard or something that explains users on first export how to
> override templates, asks for missing info and maybe sets a default
> directory for deployment

Hopefully the interface will be intuitive enough we won't need a wizard.

>  - Automatically running autoreconf -i in the deployed directory
>  - An option to deploy and "make dist" in 1 go
> There are some Problems for which I still have no solution:
>  - Where to get package name and package version from. For package name
> you can probably use the name of the solution, but a solution has no
> version. I could also use additional informations like a contact e-mail
> address.

I touch on some of this in a bug:

>  - Files in monodevelop projects have a fixed set of properties and
> buildactions. So currently it's not possible to do custom rules to
> handle .addin.xml files in a sensible manner for example. It would be
> nice to have a way to add custom attributes to files in a monodevelop
> project.
>  - What should I do with the build  configurations? Currently I simply
> always use the Release configuration

I would think Release would be the most important for now.

>  - I'm not sure how to support additional languages. Sure I could add
> rules for boo or nemerle. But that would mean I have to make the plugin
> dependent on the boo and nemerle plugin to gather the compiler flags,
> having this dependency is not a good idea since many people don't have
> these plugins installed.

They could provide their own configure.ac.template, which would set C
$CSC to boo or whatever.  The AutoTools addin could search the entire
addin directory for templates.  Or language bindings when they are
installed could install the templates in a special directory (i.e.
AutoTools/templates ).  If the AutoTools addin is not installed, nothing
would happen.


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