[MonoDevelop] Monodevelop 0.9 crash compilation bug fixed by Jacob Cervantes (Irapuato gto, Mexico)

Lluis Sanchez lluis at ximian.com
Wed Mar 15 05:55:53 EST 2006

Yes, this is a known issue. It's due to a change in the api of the
Mono.Posix library. It's already fixed in SVN HEAD. I was pondering
doing a 0.9.1 release with only this fix, but I feel it is not worth it
since we are close to 0.10. The funny thing is that this FileMode alias
is not being used at all in that file, so it can be just deleted.

El mar, 14-03-2006 a las 20:51 -0600, jacobnix escribió:
> Hello boys 
>   well in past weekend i was compiling monodevelop 0.9 in recent Linux
> Ubuntu Dapper, but the compilation fails when tray to compile the C#
> source "Combine.cs"
>   the problem is that the compiler try to find the 
>           namespace Mono.Unix.FilePermissions 
>    but never founds, so replace thle line 20 in C# source code
> "Combine.cs"
>   for this line  using FileMode = Mono.Unix.Native.FilePermissions;
>    and ready monodevelop compiles :)
> the url with picture about this , is
> http://ministeriosjm.com/area51/~jacob/blog/?p=12
> http://www.ministeriosjm.com/area51/~jacob/blog/
> -- 
> Jacob Cervantes
> http://jacob.blogsome.com
> http://jacob.monoeduc.org 
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