[MonoDevelop] Improvement to Glade# 2.0 project

Victor Rafael Rivarola Soerensen (FANATICO y LOCO por Cristo) vrrivaro at gmail.com
Sun Mar 5 20:34:21 EST 2006


I have made an improvement on the Glade# 2.0 project I would like to
be included for all to enjoy.  If you like it, I will also make the
same modifications to the other project types. An error MessageBox
will pop up for every exception that is not handled by your code. The
error message will contain the exception type, message and stack
trace. When it gets closed, the same info will be shown to stdout and
the program will be terminated.

Too see it, make a new project (of this type) and patch its file
Main.cs with both Main.diff and Test.diff (in that order), patch
gui.glade, and then run it.

Next, reverse the Test.diff patch and run it again.

Finally reverse the gui.diff patch and you have a brand new project
wich pops up an MessageBox on every not handled exception. Only the
Main.diff patch should be applied at this point.

Hope you find this usefull. Jesus bless you all,

Víctor Rafael Rivarola

"Por cuanto eres tibio, y no frío ni caliente, te vomitaré de mi boca."
Apocalipsis 3:16

"Porque la Palabra de la Cruz es locura para los que se pierden; pero a
los que se salvan, esto es, a nosotros, es poder de Dios."
1 Corintios 1:18
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