[MonoDevelop] Web References

Lluis Sanchez lluis at ximian.com
Tue Jul 25 07:03:12 EDT 2006


> Please find attached an updated screenshot of the web reference dialog
> window. I have added a navigation toolbar with functional back, forward,
> stop, reload and home buttons. Progress is good so far, and it looks
> like I will have the dialog finished by tomorrow. I still need to add
> Async methods for checking if the document loaded in the MozillaControl
> is a valid Web Service, this is currently done but not Async. Async will
> speed up the loading time for the end user.

Hey, it's looking good so far. I look forward to try it.

> Unfortunately I have run into a problem with MozillaControl widget, the
> application crash unexptectedly when every I try and open an HTTPS Url.
> Is HTTPS supported in the MozillaControl?

I'm pretty sure it is supported, but no idea why it might be crashing.

> It will be a pretty useless dialog window if it can't support HTTPS,
> seeing as most corporate web services use the HTTPS protocol.
> Regards
> Gideon de Swardt
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