[MonoDevelop] Unhandy "comment (out)" shortcut

John Luke john.luke at gmail.com
Mon Jul 24 15:42:14 EDT 2006

On Sun, 2006-07-23 at 05:44 +0200, Alexander Orlov wrote:
> The current "comment (out)" shortcut (Ctrl + Alt + C/U) is very 
> unhandy. In fact you must wrench your wrists by pressing three 
> keys(!) to use this often needed shortcut.
> In Kate and Kwrite (great KDE editor apps) the "comment (out)" 
> shortcut is assigned to a more wrist friendly key combination: You 
> have to press Ctrl + D to comment out sth. and Ctrl + Shift + D to 
> uncomment sth. .
> I suggest to change this shortcut according to Kate/Kwrite 
> assignation.
> Furthermore I think that the shortcuts in MD should correspond 
> generally to already approved key combinations in other src editors 
> available for unix-like operating systems.

The problem is, there is no consistent list. What do we follow emacs,
vim, kate, gedit, visual studio, eclipse... That being said I think it
would be helpful if someone would:
1. make a list of our current keybindings
2. make suggestions on what they all should be (with some justification,
and thought to the whole)
3. update 1 and keep it for documentation
4. optionally submit a patch to change them if needed

Otherwise we will have a mixture of the above that gets even more
inconsistent over time as people stick in their own preferred ones
(perhaps I am guilty of this myself).

Of course, the best way is to probably abstract the keybindings out and
have emulation for emacs, vim, kate, etc., which should be possible but
we still need a more consistent set of defaults (and documentation of
what they are).

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