[MonoDevelop] An idea for MD new logo !?

Gideon de Swardt gdeswardt1978 at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Jul 19 04:42:59 EDT 2006

Lluis wrote:
>I put together the two logos, plus a small variant of the original one.
>Here is the result:
>I still think that the original colors (and the variant) are more
I prefer number 2 on the list, as I have state before. 

The funny thing about this debate is actually that both the GTK/Mono and the
Original Tango themes have the same number of colors in common with the
Visual Studio.NET Logo.

Visual Studio.NET Logo (Red, Yellow, Blue and Green)
GTK/Mono Logo (Red, Green and Blue)
Org. Tango Logo (Red, Yellow and Blue)


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