[MonoDevelop] An idea for MD new logo !?

Gideon de Swardt gdeswardt1978 at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Jul 17 06:35:47 EDT 2006

Personally I like to the logo on top of the page. I know somebody said that
the emphasis should be more on "develop" than the mono, but I think develop
is still emphasized by the use of a different color, in this case gray.
There is nice balance in the text by using the bold Mono and gray Develop.
The only thing I agree on with the top logo on the page is that I the image
should be a bit bigger than the text, as it the case with the logos lower
down on the page.


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El dl 17 de 07 del 2006 a les 08:31 +0200, en/na Salvatore Scarciglia va
> On Sat, 15 Jul 2006 16:23:52 +0200
> Lluis Sanchez <lluis at ximian.com> wrote:
> > I like the logo. Just two comments about the text: I now find it too big
> > in relation to the logo, and I would stress "develop" instead of
> > "mono" (I think the develop concept is more important).
> Done !
> Please visit the logo page to view some ideas;
> http://laas.altervista.org/md_logo2.php
> If you think I'm on the right way to develop the new MD logo, please tell
> something. On the other hand, if you you think I'm wasting my time please
> my brain !!!

I think the logo is ok. I'd also like to know the opinion of other MD
contributors and users. What do you think?


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