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Gideon de Swardt gdeswardt1978 at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Jul 11 07:06:10 EDT 2006


Let me start of with saying that I have never developed an application
using Gtk/GtkSharp or even Mono for that matter. I am mostly from a
Microsoft Windows background, and having used C# for the last 4 years
decided to experiment with C# on Linux. I decided to port the Resource
Editor from SharpDevelop to MonoDevelop in an effort to familiarizing
myself with GtkSharp as well as how to develop an AddIn for MonoDevelop.

I managed the port the essential parts and got it all working. The
Editor so far include the following functionality: 

The Editor opens a resx or resource file and display a list of all the
resource items in the file in a TreeView widget. When an item is
selected in the value of the resource is displayed. Currently only have
a view for string and bool resource, still need to port viewers for
bitmap, icon, cursor and binary. The value of the selected resource can
be edited. The TreeView, ResourceList widget, also includes a PopupMenu
that allow you to add a new string resource, or delete a current

I tested my port code by creating a GtkSharp Test project, but I am
getting to the point where I need to use some of the standard
functionality/dialogs in MonoDevelop. I just have some questions about
MonoDevelop AddIn, and would greatly appreciated it if somebody can
steer me into the right direction. 

How would I go about to achieve the following? Is there any examples
that I can look at?

* I want to develop the functionality that when a .resx or .resource
file is opened from the solution/project view, it is automatically
opened in the Resource Editor. 
* I also want to utilize the functionality when the Save, Save As and
Save All commands are executed, to save the current file. 

Please find attached to the email a copy of the source code for the
editor as well as a screenshot of the test application.


Gideon de Swardt
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